The Fundamentals Seminar teaches you the basics
of the Street Sence system, where you learn how
to use your natural instincts as a catalyst for your movements for protecting yourself. It gives a good foundation for beginners as well for advanced
self defense practitioners.  

In our Gun Defense Seminar, we work with defense against handguns and long guns and different challenges that these kinds of attacks give. Guns are very hard to defend against but in certain scenarios,
you have a chance if well prepared.    

The Basic Knife Defense Seminar takes a realistic approach to a very challenging subject such as
knife attacks. It gives a solid base of techniques 
and skills which highly increases your chances of defending yourself if ever faced by a knife attacker.

The Street Sence Workshops are for trained
self defense practitioners. The workshops vary
every time and have different topics with theory
and practical exercises. Most Workshops will be focused on scenario training, where theory, drills, verbal skills and physical skills are bound together.   

The Basic Impact Defense Seminar works with different distance ranges and different impact tools like Baseball bat, hammer, crowbar etc., anything that could be used as an impact weapon. This seminar works with a realistic approach to defend against Impact weapons.

The Instructor Certification Program
is created for active and potential
instructors for deep understanding of 
STREET SENCE Reality Based
Self Defense concept.

The Certification is a yearly event.

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The Street Sence seminars are built up by a flow between theory and physical drills.
The theory is based on well documented scientific research of human physiology and psychology.
The techniques are developed from exercises that are based on the human body’s natural instincts.