Once a year our STREET SENCE Instructors gather at the recertification to keep their Instructor Certification. At this event we make sure the Instructors keep their skills sharp and are updated with improvements and changes. They are drilled in all our flowcharts, basics, drills and theory so they can deliver high quality classes that live up to our standards of content and teaching. The Certification is also the place for sparring and revealing new ideas for developing the evolving STREET SENCE Concept together. 

 Knife defense

The STREET SENCE instructor certification is a 2 day event every year. One day is dedicated only to the instructors and the 2nd day we arrange an advanced workshop for experienced students. During the 2nd day the instructors follow the training but will be asked to take some of the lessons which they will get evaluated after the seminar.

 Gun defense

As we only have 2 days a year to keep the standard up, we expect all our new STREET SENCE instructors to have a solid background in MA or in self defense.

We expect the instructors to be connected to a current club or will start up a new club to run STREET SENCE classes. We want our club instructors to be active.

 Impact defense

Anyone can apply to be a STREET SENCE Instructor, but not everyone will be accepted. We take the liberty to choose who we work with. We will be looking at your skills set and experience, we want someone that can help us raise the bar. We look at your commitment and dedication, we need people that work hard and are loyal, and most important of all - do you have the personality that we are looking for. 

 Unarmed attack

The price for one year of certification is 260 Euro (a year) for the first instructor in a club, and 160 Euro for every following instructor in the same club.  

The certification runs for a year, and has to be renewed the following year.

The price gives your club permission to teach our program in your facility, you use our brand and logo in promotions markedting. Your location, contact information and logo  will be shown on our website.