OUR Concept

STREET SENCE is based around the body's own defense system, our flinch response. The reason for humans' and many other species' survivals for many thousands of years is that the body has its own survival system called the startle flinch response and the Fight-Flight-Freeze response.

We have all experienced being startled by someone or something, and felt how our body has reacted to that experience. The hands come up and protect the area that the brain perceives is in danger, which most of the time is the head. This reaction is called the Startle flinch response and is a protective movement that uses the arms as a shield to protect us from harm. This movement is the fastest movement we can make, much faster than any cognitive movement.  


In the flinch response, the arms move in one of the two ways:

1) Toward the area that needs to be protected bending and shielding over that area; or

2) The arms stretch trying to push away the danger with hands opened.

In either way, the flinch response comes in one fast movement.


When under pressure, we always freeze. It can be a microsecond or longer time, but we always freeze. When we have adrenaline in the body, we can only access gross motor skills in the first contact. This is why we build the STREET SENCE system around the natural response to integrate the fastest movement we, humans, can possibly access. It's also the first movement we are accessing as it is genetically built into all of us.

When we integrate the flinch response as the first response into our training, we will be able to convert it much faster into many different self defense or martial art techniques. If you already have training that is integrated and automatized into your motor cortex, we can integrate this after the first contact moves. If you don't have any skill sets at all we have a selection of basics that connects very well to the flinch response.

The STREET SENCE concept is built up by flowcharts for each subject. The flowcharts represent a position or technique in the STREET SENCE concept. Within these flowcharts you can fill in your own skill set or adapt the skills we suggest. All the flowcharts can be combined and overlay each other so the training becomes flexible and easy to overview. The Flowcharts represent a base and can be trained in many variations and "what if" situations. This is what we go deeper into and let you explore at our Workshops.

The Workshops are based on realistic scenarios and are most of the time done in High Gear suits for safety. At our workshops, the participants can get their physical and communication skills tested under pressure in a safe environment.

We work hard on improving the skills and potential of each participant, by evaluating as many different parameters and key factors as possible. We highlight and process both the defender's and attacker's skills to get the best possible result.

In Street Sence workshops, we use the SCETRA model (Scenario training model) as a tool so we can keep track of the work points and improvements during the scenarios.
This way we can give the best possible evaluation of each participant. 

Our Inspiration


We have spent more than 40 years practicing martial arts and self defense, being taught and inspired by many interesting and very skillful people during this journey.
The STREET SENCE Concept is a mix of programs and theories from many different capacities like Jim Wagner, Gavin De Becker, Rory Miller, Dave Grossman, Tony Blauer, Bruce K. Siddle, Tim Larkin, Daniel Coyle, Susan Heart and many many more.  
We have taken the available information on self defense and added our own experience to build it into our own concept that we call STREET SENCE (SENCE is short for Safe Encounter). Our goal is to make people safer in the dangerous and lethal encounters that can be experienced in the streets or in their work life.

The system keeps evolving and improving with new angles, ideas and knowledge. We experience a huge contribution from our new STREET SENCE instructors.