Terje Theiss


Terje Theiss has trained  martial arts since 1978, and has taught in many Countries. Contributing on a personal level but also teaching and coaching in every aspect of communication and conflicts, Terje has expanded his experience outside martial arts to coaching and mediation.

Terje has attended many RBSD seminars and is a cofounder of STREET SENCE Reality Based Self Defense Concept. Terje is the author of the book " Senario Training"


"Communication is done through words and what you can see. Everything else influences this."

                                                                   Terje Theiss


Nikita Karp



Nikita Karp has a background as a physiotherapist and have been training Martial Arts and Self defense since 1998


Nikita is the representative of STREET SENCE in Germany. He is the one to contact for setting up and hosting STREET SENCE seminars in Germany. If you have interest in getting Certified as a STREET SENCE Instructor or train in Germany, you are welcome to contact Nikita.

Christian Hvidberg


Christian Hvidberg has trained Martial Arts and self defense in more than 40 years. He has trained and taught self defense in most of the European countries, USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Russia, Kazakhstan and Mexico. Christian has attended many RBSD seminars and is a cofounder of STREET SENCE Reality Based Self Defense Concept. Christian is the founder of INVICTUS fightwear where you can get equipment for traning. 


"When it comes to self defense, your chance of survival is proportional to the relevance and effort of your training"

Christian Hvidberg

Our Inspiration

STREET SENCE is a result of more than 40 years in Martial Arts and self defense, being taught and inspired by many interesting and very skillful professionals during this journey.


Our STREET SENCE Concept is a mix of programs and theories from many different capacities like Jim Wagner, Gavin De Becker, Rory Miller, Dave Grossman, Tony Blauer, Bruce K. Siddle, Tim Larkin, Daniel Coyle, Susan Heart and many many more.  


So we have taken all this information and tried to get the best from each, added our own experiences and built it into our own concept that we called STREET SENCE (SENCE is short for Safe ENCountEr). Our hope is to make people safer in the dangerous and lethal encounters that can be experienced on the streets or at work.


The system keeps evolving and improving with new angles, ideas and knowledge. We also experience a huge contribution from our new STREET SENCE coaches.